Traeger is also known as firewood grill. It is a modern cooking appliance with the old principle of using wood as the source of energy.

Some households still uphold the traditional cooking method- smoking for their meats. Although the old ones are inexistent, the current one still serves the purpose.

The quality of food from this cooker can’t be explained in words, but the tongue understands it too well.

The cooking method determines the quality of food. Its simplicity and convenience in the preparation of cooked meals are fantastic.

Forget about the misconceptions about Traeger grill and get all your facts right.

What are some of the interesting facts about the Traeger grill?

  1. It’s a 6-in-1 cooker

Traeger grills handle six functions at the same time. With their different compartments, you can smoke, grill, bake, BBQ and braise.

The multipurpose appliance is a complete cooker for all meals. As you smoke your meat, you can bake cakes for the desserts and also prepare BBQ dishes with ease.

In case you have an abrupt visitor rushing against time. You can make a complete meal within minutes.

The multiple functions don’t compromise on the functionality. Its versatility takes grilling to the next level.

 Moreover, all the healthy cooking methods can be practised with this appliance. 

  • It’s simple and user-friendly

The Traeger grill manufacturers listened to loyal customers who loved grilling but had challenges. Yes, the old methods were cumbersome, but the taste of food was the best.

It is for this reason why they came up with this cooker to maintain the taste but enhance functionality.

It is one appliance that lessens your burden in grilling. Your work is to place the food, switch it on, set the right temperature among other settings and come back to take a cooked meal.

It doesn’t need any monitoring to prevent burning, thanks to the automated features.  

Gone are the days you had to stay and turn over your meals as they smoke.

The possibility of presenting undercooked meats was so high for you used guesswork in heat control.

Besides, you now have time to entertain your guests as you wait for the delicious BBQ to prepare without your supervision. 

From the outward look, it seems a complex cooking appliance, but the simplicity of the functions makes it intuitive and friendly even to novices. 

  • Use hardwood pellets

Did you know that the Traeger grills have particular wood pellets with less smoke but maintains the sweet aroma of the grilled dishes?

The best place to get the right wood pellets is at Traeger pellet mills found across the US. However, this doesn’t prevent you from using other wood pellets.

You can still use them, but the sweet aroma and taste of the meal aren’t guaranteed. 

The purpose of hardwood pellets compared to softwood is its ability to maintain a steady flow of smokeless heat to support the grilling process.

Besides, hardwood maintains heat strength for more extended time compared to softwood

  • Has automated functions

Who wants to go through the hassle of grilling under a lot of smoke? Traeger grills came to solve this challenge once and for all.

You don’t need to keep on checking whether it’s fully cooked or half-cooked or not, thanks to the thermometer set principle.

You don’t need to keep on worrying if the food with burning it not, thanks to the timer with an automatic switch-off button.

 You don’t have to rotate the meals to ensure the meats are uniformly cooked, thanks to the rotating gear within the appliance.

 Put your meal in the oven, sit and relax. Come to serve your meal. How about that?

With these automated services, there is no recipe you can fail to try and crack it.

They are expensive

There is no way you will have such a high-end feature and fail to pay for it. That is not the reason for the pricing.

The high level of performance and craftsmanship dictates the high prices for the Traeger grills.

 There is a team of engineers who vets and runs a valuation exercise for the grills to ensure they are up to standards to perform their functions with ease.

A common English saying” cheap is expensive” relates well or instead explains the prices for this particular grill. However, your dream of owning one is valid. Look for financing options available within your locality and take advantage of them. Don’t kill your passion for grilling by purchasing sub-standard products which offer a minimal challenge in the grilling process. Go for the real deal- Traeger grills and sample the difference.