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We prepare dishes made from locally produced food Bistro 185 hosts the Mediterranean-French fare that makes excellent dishes using locally-produced food. The fare displays salads, veggies, plates and meat entrees. The restaurant uses food ingredients and items grown in nearby farms and gardens to promote local farmers. This reduces costs and ensures you eat organic foods beneficial to your health.


Roasted Meat

This is a common recipe as long as you have the smokers within the home.

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What a meal for children, my kids love and enjoy it

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Nothing beats enjoying a great meal with your family, friends or even alone, most specially if your the one who has preferred the delightful dish.

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“Eat Breakfast Like a King, Lunch Like a Prince, and Dinner Like a Pauper” a common saying among fitness instructors.

Alison Crowe

Radio 4 Programmer notes this as “one of the top debut cookbooks”

morin nancy

A fisherman in the Australian continent once noted that the fish oil cure minor illnesses in children.

Freddy Knight