Healthy meals are some of your fundamental needs to stay healthy and active. Without adequate food, you can get exposed to diseases and infections. And planning your meals, whether weekly(recommended), bi-weekly or monthly, will save you time, energy, and money as you won’t have to run to the grocery stores daily to buy last-minute ingredients.

When an effective meal plan is in place, you won’t have to face the daily hurdle of planning or thinking about the perfect meal for you and your family.  Food recipes, however, are essential parts of your meal plans. Analysis of the authentic ingredients you’ll use, their amounts, and the preparation methods constitute your food plan’s fundamentals. Having the wrong food recipes can make your meal plan a bust and ultimately affect your meal quality. And how do you know the best recipes you can choose for your meals? Here are five factors you can utilize to determine the perfect recipes.

1.  Affordability

An important question that you need to answer here is this: “can you afford your chosen food recipes’ ingredients? Food ingredients add flavor, color, nutrients and are crucial parts of the food recipes. Therefore, choosing the right food ingredients is a significant step in choosing the perfect food recipes.

Consider choosing recipes that contain common ingredients that you can easily afford or are locally available. Doing so will maximize your budget and reduce your expenses. Using everyday ingredients doesn’t mean you’ve to cook the same food repeatedly; you can strategize your cooking styles and the ingredients’ flavor to make a complete and tasty meal each time.

2.  Choice

Do the food recipes meet your nutritional needs like the thing you need for versatility and precision in woodworking? Will they give you maximum satisfaction? One of the significant purposes of meal plans is to enable you to cook foods you desire to eat while saving your expenses. Thus, only choose good recipes that’ll eventually give you satisfyingly delicious meals which will keep you begging for more. Of course, choosing affordable food ingredients doesn’t mean you’ll have to choose unhealthy ingredients that could be dangerous to your body. Only select beneficial components that’ll meet your nutritional needs and help you stay healthy always.

3.  Source

Food recipes contain sets of instructions that determine how and the number of ingredients you’ll use to prepare your meal. Thus, you must ensure to get your recipes from reliable and verified sources that’ll help you make quality and healthy meals. For example, there are many food blogs and websites in the world today, and each of them has their own recommended food recipes and ingredients.

You might find slight differences between these vast food recipes, which might get you confused about the right ones to pick, necessitating the need to choose your food recipes from highly-verified blogs and websites that have credible evidence. For example, you could comb through Pinterest or popular food magazines and cookbooks for the right food recipes. You can also ask for recommendations from trusted friends about the best food recipes.

4.  Ability

After you decide on the source of your food recipes, the next factor you need to consider is your ability with the meals. You don’t need to choose new food recipes you’re not familiar with every time as meal planning doesn’t have to include fresh foods every day. Consider choosing recipes, you know, and you can always add one new recipe to the list after learning the original and added recipes. Consider building your food recipes list on meals you’ve prepared before and occasionally include new ones to expand your meal plans.

5.  Maximization

Finally, ensure you choose meal recipes that’ll provide you with ample leftovers whether you plan to cook dinners twice or thrice in a week. Consider making the maximization of fragments as crucial parts of meal planning to allow you to cook less often and still have substantial foods, especially for dinners. Your food recipes should enable you to maximize ingredients and ample healthy leftovers. Avoid food recipes that tend to consume large amounts of food ingredients, both for your health and to reduce your expenses.


Choosing the right food recipes sure take lots of time, effort, and planning, but gives the best results when done in the right way. Therefore, don’t be complacent with your food recipes, consider the factors above as guides, and choose the right food recipes for you and your family.